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Coventry can be described as a picturesque gem upon the West Midlands mundanity that truly is awe-inspiring in terms of setting. This serene town is just as pleasant as you imagine and since suffering it's severe 20th century bombings, has been rebuilt to be even more beautiful than before.

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Coventry has a deeply-rooted industrial history in the watch and clock making business, as well as being well known for contributing towards the bicycle manufacturing industry on large. As mentioned above, Coventry suffered huge losses in terms of both casualties and infrastructure throughout the bombings that took place and since a lot of hard work, money and determination has been mustered to revitalise the once booming industrial city.

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Our beautiful Coventry escorts are highly trained and provide exceptional services to the more discerning gentlemen travelling to or residing within Coventry. A high-class Coventry escort will surpass all expectations when you meet them; their personalities are addictive, their bodies are exceptionally elegant and their knowledge of the local area is outstanding to say the least. At Glamour Models we recruit both the most beautiful and sophisticated escorts to ensure that our clients are not just satisfied, but blown away by how impressed they are at the quality of service our escorts in Coventry will provide.

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At first you might be unsure as to where to take an escort in Coventry, well we have you covered. Believe it or not there is a lot more to see and do than you might expect. This stunning city is filled with breathtaking views, awesome architecture and bags full of culture.

Whilst visiting you should consider taking your escort in Coventry to the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum where you can view their inspiring exhibitions and exchange your interpretations, sometimes conversations like this can spark your inner creativity and lead to a much more fulfilling evening with your companion. If you’re not a fan of art, why not try Criterion Theatre where you can bare witness to the truly impressive productions that are frequently performed throughout the year.  

Although there are plenty of tourist attractions within Coventry I must stay that what makes this place so great for me every time I visit is the combination of beautiful countryside, an interesting city-centre, a fascinating history and of course, the beautiful Coventry escorts.